Interview a Refusenik or Activist


Telling a personal story can often bridge the gap between generations and differing experiences. In this lesson, students connect with a former Refusenik or Soviet Jewry Activist to understand what issues people faced and what motivated people to stand up against injustice.


At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
Document personal stories from the Soviet Jewry Movement, from both Refuseniks and Activists.
Develop research skills through documenting an oral history.



1. Students should fill out the “Interview Form” (download from Materials).

2. Students should conduct their interviews using the questions provided on the “Interview Form”.

3. Students should use the chart on the “Interview Form” and highlight 1-3 words which best describe the central themes in their story

4. Student’s should write down their story. They should be careful to document as much of the story and mention as many details as possible. This includes: family names, places and dates, etc. If possible, they should include a picture of the person or a picture of the two of you together. They can also consider including or highlighting a quote from them that was special or meaningful.


Download Lesson

Click here to download the full lesson pack in .zip format.

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